April 2020

Less Than 2 Per cent of Social Care Workers Tested

Richard Leonard Comments on Extension of Lockdown Period

Scottish Government Must Be Transparent About Coronavirus Deaths and Testing

Leonard Questions Sturgeon Over Testing and PPE

Scottish Labour Calls Formally For Free Travel for NHS Staff

Specialist Teacher Numbers Fallen By More Than 500 in 12 years – Iain Gray MSP

March 2020

More Testing and Protective Equipment Needed To Face “Rapid Acceleration” of Coronavirus – Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour Backs Calls For Extension of Free Bus Travel for Critical Workers

Lowest Earners and The Self-Employed Will Bear the Financial Brunt of Covid-19 – Rhoda Grant MSP

6 Month Ban on Rental Evictions Will Ease Minds in This Stressful Time – Pauline McNeill MSP

Delayed Discharge Figures Continue to Spiral Under the SNP

Scottish Labour Oppose SNP-Green “Cuts Budget”

Labour Secures Commitment to Consider Coronavirus as Part of Laundry Closures Decision

February 2020

Greens Kowtow to SNP and Give Green Light for Cuts

Iain Gray Comments on Scottish Government Exam Results Analysis

Richard Leonard : Step In To Save GP Surgeries

Forbes Challenged to Disown Russell’s False Claims – Neil Biddy MSP

James Kelly MSP Comments on Overburdened Prison Service

Number of Disabled People Not in Employment Demonstrates “Stark Inequalities ” – Rhoda Grant MSP

SNP’s Lack of Strategy is Failing The Workers of Scotland – Richard Leonard

Labour Backs Barnardos Call for Improved Support

SNP Cuts to Local Government Transport Funding Must End to Keep Scotland Moving – Colin Smyth MSP

New Report Shows Drop in Social Capital Levels in Scotland – Pauline McNeill MSP

Cuts to Overburdened Scottish Prison Service “Dangerous” – James Kelly MSP

Forbes “Detached from the Reality “of Pressures on Local Councils – Sarah Boyack MSP

SNP Governance Causes Decade of Disinvestment for Scotland’s Universities – Iain Gray

Damning Report Shows Serious Failings in Mental Health Service at NHS Tayside – Richard Leonard

Richard Leonard Takes Nicola Sturgeon To Task on Derek Mackay and NHS Tayside

Richard Leonard’s Comments on Derek Mackay Resignation

Scottish Labour Responds to SNP Government Budget Statement

Scottish Labour Calls For Free Bus Travel for Under 25s at This Year's Budget

Free Bus Travel For Young People Must Be Included in This Year’s Scottish Budget – Rhoda Grant MSP

Councils Facing Greater Demand For Services While Budgets Tighten

Richard Leonard Comments on Brexit

January 2020

Richard Leonard Comments on Brexit

Richard Leonard - Scotland Needs Home Rule - Not Inequality in a Separate Scotland

One Homeless Child in Scotland is Too Many – Pauline McNeill MSP

Dramatic Rise in Crisis Grants “Deeply Worrying” – Mark Griffin MSP

College Student Numbers Still Down Almost 100,00 Under the SNP

Health Inequalities Gap Widens Further Under the SNP As Poorest Scots Four Times More Likely to Die Prematurely

Scottish Labour Calls for An End to Private Finance Models in Public Infrastructure Projects

Huge Inequality in Personal Wealth Must End – Rhoda Grant

Scottish Government Fails To Uprate Care Experienced Student Bursary

Ownership Plan for Buses

Scottish Police Stations in Shocking State of Disrepair – James Kelly

Richard Leonard Dumps Debt Monster at Sturgeon’s Door

Iain Gray Raises Concerns over SQA Appeals Policy

Scottish Labour Challenges SNP Government Over Cuts to Local Councils

Scottish Government National Investment Bank – ” A Missed Opportunity” says Scottish Labour

Poorest Students Hit Hardest By Student Debt

Students from Deprived Areas Continue to Face Disadvantages in Higher Education

December 2019

Attainment Gap Grows for Literacy and Numeracy Throughout Stages of Primary School

Glasgow Campaign Rally

Real Change Needed to Address Scotland’s Health Inequalities

Small Businesses Need The Support of a Labour Government

Sturgeon Challenged on her Education Record

Scotland’s Public Services Not Safe in Sturgeon’s Hands

Leaked Treasury Documents Warn “Union Undermined” by Tory Brexit Deal

Richard Leonard Pledges £600 million for Social Care

November 2019

Scottish Labour lays out its positive vision for the NHS.

Labour's Green Industrial Revolution is the Only Way to Tackle Climate Emergency - Richard Leonard

Liberal Democrats Crying Crocodile Tears Over Cruel Cuts Legacy

Heartbroken Parents Deserve Answers from Cabinet Secretary – Monica Lennon MSP

Vote for Hope This Christmas – Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour Put Ambition to Scrap Universal Credit Before Scottish Parliament

Labour Will Protect Tenants from Extortionate Rents – Pauline McNeill MSP

Tories and SNP Gang Up to Vote Down Scottish Labour’s Amendments for a Progressive Scottish National Investment Bank

Labour Lays Out Bold Plan for Transport at Train Stations Across Scotland

Private Agencies Being Paid Thousands Each Day From NHS Workforce Crisis

Only Labour Will End Scotrail Chaos – Richard Leonard

Private Agencies Being Paid Thousands Each Day From NHS Workforce Crisis

SNP Would Vote Down Investment That Scotland Needs - Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour Call Out SNP Double Standards Over Trump

Social Work Crisis Shows Scotland needs Decades of Investment

Jeremy Corbyn : It’s Time for the Real Change That Scotland Needs

Labour Will Provide the Transformational Investment and Change in Scotland’s Social Care Services

New Report Reveals “Sorry State” of Scottish Economy Under the SNP

Richard Leonard : General Election Campaign Speech

NHS Is Not Safe in Sturgeon's or Johnson's Hands

Time For Talking Over Drugs Crisis Is Over – Monica Lennon

Labour Will Save Free TV Licences for almost a Quarter of a Million Scots

Labour Retrofitting Plan to End Fuel Poverty with 35,000 Jobs and £6billion Investment in Scotland

October 2019

Mental Health Crisis Worsening for NHS Scotland Staff

Pupil Equity Funding Underspend Revealed

Corbyn Pledges To Take on Wealthy and Powerful to Deliver Real Change for Scotland

“Say Anything Sturgeon Dancing to Johnson’s Tune” – Lesley Laird

Health Secretary Must Come Clean Over NHS Laundry Cuts

Sick Kids Hospital Scandal Is A "National Disgrace" - Monica Lennon

Response to today’s Brexit Vote

Women's Health Plan Must Improve Menopause Care

Poorest College Students Most Likely to Become Unemployed

Unemployment Rise is "Deeply Concerning" - Richard Leonard

SNP Health Secretary Jeane Freeman Sidelined at SNP Conference

“Hard Border” Talk Shows SNP Puts Independence before Serving the People of Scotland – Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour Will Axe The Hated Car Park Tax – Richard Leonard

Sturgeon's Plans Mean "More Division and Uncertainty"- Richard Leonard

Richard Leonard’s Address to the UK Co-operative Party Conference

Scrapping Universal Credit Will Benefit Half a Million Scottish Households

Patients with Learning Disabilities Facing Delayed DiscHarges of over 4 years in Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Comment on BBC Sick Kids Snagging Revelations

Fresh Warning Over SNP Childcare Expansion

NHS Breast Screening Uptake Falls Under The SNP

No Deal – Alex Rowley Responds to Scottish Government statement

Labour To Outline Transformation of Scotland’s Housing

First Minister Must Demand NHS Tayside Must Follow Review Recommendation

SNP Team Up With The Tories to Keep ScotRail in Abellio's Hands

Abellio Scotrail Franchise Must Not be Extended – Colin Smyth

Scottish Labour To Force a Vote to End Early Years Postcode Lottery

September 2019

Labour Will Scrap Universal Credit

Comment on NHS Financial Report

New Investment Bank Must Tackle Centralisation and Climate Change – Richard Leonard

Jeremy Corbyn is PM-In-Waiting - Richard Leonard

Jeremy Corbyn's speech to Labour Party Conference

Richard Leonard's speech to Labour Party Conference

Comment on Repeal of “Named Person” Scheme

First Victory in War on SNP Spin

First Minister Must Guarantee Scottish University Funding

New Law Proposed to Stop SNP Ministers Spinning Statistics

SNP Should Ease Brexit Worries with EU Student Guarantee

SNP Should Increase Funding for Families Using Struggling NHS Services

Inquiry Should Not Have Taken Weeks of Pressure – Monica Lennon

SNP Has Never Accepted IndyRef Result - Lesley Laird

Comment on Glasgow Kids Chemo Travel

SNP Mismanagement of Education Exposed - Iain Gray

Jeane Freeman has “Lost Control” of the NHS – Monica Lennon MSP

Democracy Needs Renewal -speech by Richard Leonard

Real Change within our Grasp - speech by John McDonnell

Jeremy Corbyn's address to the 2019 TUC

Cystic Fibrosis Drugs Made Free on the NHS After Labour MSP Campaign

Comment on Court of Session Ruling

First Minister Caught Out in Spin Operation on School Statistics

CBI Report Shows SNP-Tory Failure on the Economy

Boris Johnson Defeated Again as Labour Leads the Opposition to No-Deal

ScotRail Set to Default on Rail Franchise Over Passenger Satisfaction

Richard Leonard : Initial Response To Programme for Government

Ongoing Crisis in Young People’s Mental Health Services Revealed

NHS Workforce Crisis Deepens As Vacancy Rate Soars to Worst Level in 12 years

Radical Solutions Needed From Scottish Government to Tackle Decline in Public Transport Use

Scottish Labour Shadow Cabinet Positions

August 2019

Richard Leonard - Our Scottish Future event

GP Crisis Reveals SNP Mismanagement of NHS

Postcode Lottery on Cancer Care Must End – Monica Lennon

SNP’s Austerity Cuts Would Cost Family of Four £4,676

SNP Deputy Backs Deeper Cuts Than the Tories

Flagship SNP Waiting Time Target Broken Nearly 100,000 Times

Sturgeon to Miss GERS Report

Lesley Laird - Boris Johnson "Living in a Dangerous Fantasy Land"

‘Shameful’ Gap in Life Expectancy Between Richest and Poorest Scots

Rip Off Rail Fare Rise Set to Cost Scots Hundreds of Pounds

Inequality Gap in Cancer Detection Rates Revealed

Critical Care Units Struggling to Cope with Demand

Attainment Challenge Schools Facing Significant Funding Cuts

Richard Leonard – Scotland Needs Radical Reforming Labour Governments- Not Another Referendum

Scotland's "Pay Shame" as Ethnic Minority Pay Gap is More than Double the British Average

Failure to Mitigate Effects of the Rape Clause "Shameful"

Comment on Job Losses at Havelock International

July 2019

Scottish Welfare Fund Demand Increasing as Funding is Cut

Rising Poverty Levels A Shameful Sign of Tory Legacy

Workers to Stay Cool Under Labour's New Maximum Workplace Temperature Pledge

Richard Leonard : Comment on the Election of Boris Johnson as Leader of the Conservative Party

Budget Shortfall Threatens Public Services

Rising Demand for Foster Carers Highlights Recruitment Issues

Comment on Universities Scotland Guarantee for Care Experienced Applicants

Chronic Pain Patients Receive Just £27,000 of £535 Million Waiting Times Fund

Mackay Must Come Clean Over No-Deal Fund

SNP has Turbo-Charged Tory Austerity on Councils

Passenger Refunds Soar by more than 500% amid ScotRail Crisis

June 2019

Scotland's Mental Health Crisis Claims Almost 800 Lives in 2018

Increase in Homelessness “Disgraceful”

NHS Performance Worsening on Jeane Freeman's Watch

SNP Government Fails To Bring Education Debates to Parliament for Last 19 Months

Time for Humility and Realism from Swinney on Schools

Comment on Scottish Public Pensions Agency Audit Report

SNP Must Not Ignore Charities on Income Supplement – Richard Leonard

Labour Must Take On The English Nationalism of Boris Johnson

Promising Sign for Victims of Mesh Scandal

Scottish Labour Vote Against “SNP-Tory Stitch Up” Planning Bill

Comment on Ministerial Statement on Review of Gender Recognition Act

SNP Starving Welfare Fund of Cash

Poll Shows Tory Party Is "Biggest Threat To The Union " - Lesley Laird

Attainment Gap Faced by Looked After Children Revealed

Councils Use Cash Reserves Amid SNP Funding Cuts

Patients Left In Pain As Muscoskeletal Waiting Targets Missed

SNP Must Stop Classing Zero-Hour Contracts As A "Positive Destination " For Young People - Iain Gray

Health Secretary Must Provide Answers on Mesh Scandal

Scottish Welfare Fund Set for £3million Real Terms Cut

John Swinney Guilty of "Supreme Arrogance" Over Primary 1 tests - Iain Gray

Organ Donor Change Will Save Lives – Mark Griffin

Labour Overhauls SNP's Timid Transport Bill with Municipal Bus Amendments

More Housing Co-operatives Needed To Tackle Housing Crisis

Missed Climate Targets Show Need for Real Action , Not Rhetoric From SNP

Hundreds of Thousands of Older People in Scotland Risk Losing TV Licence Fee

SNP Must Listen or "Future of the NHS is Not Sustainable” – Monica Lennon

Audit Report of Colleges is “An Indictment of the SNP” – Iain Gray

Holyrood to Vote on Labour’s Plans to End Fuel Poverty

SNP Spend Just £3 million of £200 million Business Fund

Comment on Economy , Energy and Fair Work Committee Bill on Pre-Release Access to Statistics

Response to Aquaculture Statement

Comment on Obesity Action Scotland survey – restrictions on junk food advertising

Scottish Government Needs to Act Now to Protect The Poorest Families

The UK Constitution Requires Real Change

May 2019

NHS Tayside Mental Health Services Should Be Re-Escalated to Highest Level of Concern

Scottish Labour Slams SNP Call to Extend "Workers' Parking Tax" To Hit Shoppers

ScotRail “Not Up To Task” of Managing Our Railways – Colin Smyth

Labour To Focus on Future of BiFAB and Jobs

Nitro - Meats Must Be Removed from Schools and Hospitals Immediately

Give Families Advance Copy of Tayside Mental Health Services Report – Richard Leonard

Bursary for Poorest Higher Education Students has Fallen by Almost £1,000 Under the SNP

Almost 8 in 10 Primary 1 Standardised Tests Sat in Single Month

April 2019

SNP Endorse Pro-Austerity Growth Commission

Spending Per Pupil Plummets Under The Tories and the SNP

Decade of SNP Cuts Sees College Staffing Levels Fall by 13 per cent

SNP Green Bus Scheme A "Humiliating Failure"

Richard Leonard : Address to the 2019 STUC Congress

Sturgeon Urged to Outline Spending Plans

Delayed Discharge Soars in the NHS

£5 Top Up Would Reverse Tory Child Benefit Cuts

570 Operations Cancelled Because Hospitals Can't Cope

SNP Delay to Welfare Policies “Mind-Boggling”

March 2019

Lesley Laird's response to the Spring Statement

More than 1,500 Patients Left in Pain Amid SNP NHS Crisis

SNP Has Set A "Timid Target" on The Living Wage

McDonnell pledges 50,000 New Jobs for Scotland in Labour's Green Industrial Revolution

Leonard Pledges Free Bus Travel for All

Number of people claiming Council Tax Reduction falls

More than 600 Operations Cancelled as Hospitals Can't Cope

NHS in Workforce Crisis as 2,800 Nursing, Midwifery and Consultancy Posts Left Vacant

Health Boards Admit No Consistent Policy for Access to Period Products for Hospital Patients

5,200 Children and Young People Waited Too Long for Mental Health Treatment Last Year

Conference will Lay the Foundations for a Radical Labour Government

Working Carers Set To Lose Out Under SNP System

February 2019

Scale of Delayed Discharge Would Fill Flagship Hospital for Nearly a Year

Damning Report Shows Failure of Parkinson’s Care

Mackay Secretly Squirrels Away Millions Amidst Brutal Cuts

Only One Third of NHS Staff Think NHS Manages Performance Well

1 in 5 Patients Waiting Too Long for Key Clinical Tests

School Leaver Figures Expose a Class Divide in Scotland

Comment on Local Government Cuts

SNP Waiting Time Law Broken More Than 170,000 Times

Budget will slash Sturgeon's "Top Priority" of Education

Staff and Patients Alike Let Down by SNP Complacency in A&E

Universities lose out on over £400m under Sturgeon

Labour Exposes Pressure on NHS in New Film


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